Standing your post

This is my first real attempt at writing on here.  I’ve been encouraged by a friend I’ve never met to get after this.  I’m neither a writer by training or talent, I just happened to have had a damn serious 12th grade English teacher that was very passionate and one hell of a character.

I came up with the title for whatever this turns out to be from my Dad.  He would be 90 now were it not for an Astro-cytoma in his brain twenty one years ago.  My Dad was the oldest of five boys born to a struggling young couple who worked different shifts in the textile mills of this area of South Carolina in the times leading up to the Great Depression.

Imagine working for .10 to .15 cents per hour.  Then having your rent deducted from your weekly check for the house that was provided for you and your family.  that doesn’t leave a lot to raise a family that grew from one son in 1927 to five sons by 1934.

By 1944, when my Dad graduated from high school, the US was involved in a two front war fighting the Germans and the Japanese.  After 15 years of being the oldest of 5 boys, being responsible for their well being while my grandparents worked second and third shifts in the mill, my Dad, enlisted in the US Marine Corps.

With no end in sight, he joined, with his parents permission, along with several of his friends from high school, the branch of service that would surely send him into battle in the South Pacific in the largest war this planet had ever known.

My Dad proudly rose to the rank of Lance Corporal in the Corps as a radio operator and served in the Occupation force under Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur at he end of World War II in China.  He was recalled during what was know as the “Korean Conflict” but never left the United States, only my mother who he married in 1948.

All of this brings me to present day, China, Korea and another Marine called back into service.  General John Kelly, Chief of Staff, White House serving our current President.  After the ouster of Reince Preibus, General Kelly left his position at the Department of  Homeland Security to take on an unruly and undisciplined White House.

Today, I have shunned television news coverage of the  underground hydrogen bomb nuclear test by North Korea.  I have, however, visited Twitter a few times for insight from sources that I deem credible.  Of those, I read an article that relayed the ‘off the record” feelings of General Kelly.

The quote, or the lede. or what ever you call it was attributed to the temper tantrum by our current President after his latest off the rails rant in Arizona last week.  In a meeting with aides, President Trump reportedly dressed down all of those present in a profanity laced tirade.

News reports have surfaced with a quote attributed to General Kelly stating that “in his 35 years of service to this country, he had never been talked to like that”.  General Kelly, now more than ever, please do not consider the source of the outrage and vitriol that may have been directed at you.

As my Dad told me as he was dying from the aforementioned Astro Cytoma….”remember what you were taught in Sunday School, the Golden Rule, Semper Fi and most important of all…….Stand your Post!”